Relevant. Responsive. Results. Staying ahead of the competition means understanding your customers like never before and developing on-target customer experiences that boost performance and lower costs.

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About Us
About Us
Accenture Interactive delivers customer-focused marketing software for driving brand relevance at scale across digital and traditional channels. We help you understand your customers, segment customer groups and help optimize digital communications and web properties so campaigns better reach target audiences—and drive target outcomes.
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Software Products
Software Products
Meet the spectrum of your business’ marketing needs with Accenture Interactive software solutions that can help you:

Accenture Customer Insight
Increase sales and customer loyalty with deep customer analysis for targeted merchandising strategies.

Accenture Digital Diagnostics
Enhance your digital properties, comply with web standards and improve customer experiences and brand reputation.

Accenture Digital Optimization
Test and discover which versions of your digital communications are relevant to each audience segment.

Accenture Marketing Analytics Program
Optimize your current and future marketing budgets using analytics and create and manage those forward-looking plans.

Accenture Performance Optimizer
Optimize retail channels and product assortment—get the right products to the right place at the right time.

Accenture Recommendation Engine
A recommendation solution personalized for your business needs.

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